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The southern evening news reports on the deep processing of rice protein in Jin Nong biological science and technology

Rice protein is widely recognized as the source of high quality plant protein in the world because of its high nutritional value and low allergy. It has been widely used in the processing of high protein food, especially for infant food. Wuxi Jin Nong Biological Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development, production and sales of high - end rice protein powder. It is the leader of the domestic rice protein powder industry. Wuxi gold in the agricultural production of rice protein at the same time, but also the protein in heavy metals, and other pollutants removal of mycotoxins, which improves the utilization efficiency of food also ensures the safety of food processing.

A team composed of Jiangda food graduate students


Jiangnan University in the field of food processing technology development follow the national policy, in terms of technological innovation always pay attention to a lot of good beneficial to the people's livelihood, food processing technology team, Jiangnan University Food Fermentation Technology National Engineering Laboratory in Professor Qiusheng is the outstanding team.

Professor Yu told reporters that he had studied over 20 years in the field of food deep processing, especially in the field of rice deep processing, and gradually formed a research team composed of graduates from Ph.D. and master degree of food science, Jiangnan University. In 2005 and 2009, he led his research team in Yunnan and Jiangxi to transform their engineering achievements in rice processing technology, and built the first production line of food grade rice starch and food grade rice protein powder in China.

In 2014, the technical team and social capital cooperation, set up in Wuxi Wuxi Jinnong Biotechnology Co. Ltd., the most mature technology team of high-quality rice protein powder, rice starch technology as the foundation, one of the most advanced domestic high-quality rice protein powder, rice starch comprehensive production line built in Wuxi Huishan. Simultaneous development of rice protein powder and rice starch products in the international and domestic markets. Wuxi Jin Nong, based on Professor's team, set up the enterprise technology research center in the collaborative innovation center of Jiangnan University, and strive to explore the cooperation mode of industry university research integration.

According to reports, the Wuxi gold farmers in rice protein and starch products in terms of technology leader in the world, with a number of independent intellectual property rights of technology and equipment, in 2016 the company completed the construction and commissioning of production lines, products have been exported to Europe, the United States, normal Australia and other countries and regions.

Making protein powder from Rice

At present, the main vegetable protein powder is soybean protein in the market, and rice protein, as a new plant protein source, has not been recognized by the vast majority of consumers. Compared with most other plant protein, rice protein allergens, suitable for all kinds of people; secondly, the essential amino acids in rice protein composition is reasonable, in line with the WHO amino acid ratio model; at the same time compared with other protein, rice protein also has high digestibility and biological value. Therefore, the application of rice protein in the food field is bound to have a broad market.

At the same time, the gold farmers in Wuxi also have a bright spot in the selection of raw materials. According to Professor Qiusheng we usually eat rice, brown rice by stripping the outer bran into rice, the rice bran accounted for the quality of the entire rice ten percent, although the poor taste some very nutritious. In addition, in the process of grain storage and processing, will produce a lot of loss, the formation of by-products, such as rice, cheap rice is usually used to wine, monosodium glutamate production or other industrial products, the high cost of low value. Then, the team will focus on Qiusheng rice as raw material, the use of modern biotechnology, the separation of protein and starch, respectively made products, its value increased by more than 10 times. The professor gave reporters calculations, 10 tons of rice can be made of 1 tons of protein powder for export, the average price per ton of protein powder can reach 3-4 million yuan. At the same time, can make 9 tons of starch for the 10 tons of rice, the average price per ton of rice starch can reach more than 10 thousand yuan.

More on the subject of food security

The primary problem of grain is the safety of grain. The national food security is related to the livelihood of millions of people and the development of national economy. It is one of the most urgent safety problems in our country at present. Rice in China is facing multiple pollution problems, such as transgenic pollution, cadmium and arsenic and heavy metal pollution, mycotoxin contamination and pesticide residue pollution and so on, but these have not been widespread concern of the people.

Professor Yu said that his team had started the research of food security, hope that through modern technology, the elimination of heavy metals in rice, mycotoxin and pesticide residues and other harmful substances, the unqualified raw materials into qualified food. This is a difficult problem that many institutions in the world can't solve, but it is of profound significance.

Professor Yu stressed that food research is just maybe we think that people on the table and the aroma of traditional food heritage, but that is the general food factory and most practitioners are concerned; as a food scientist, he is more concerned about how to improve the efficiency and ensure food safety by food. He hopes to provide high quality services to the people and bring green and safe food to thousands of families. (Zhang Yuchen Xue Min)

News link -http://epaper.wxrb.com/paper/jnwb/html/2017-05/02/content_636451.htm

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