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Yanqiao Industrial Park leaders to visit our company

In February 15, 2017, Wuxi Yanqiao Industrial Park, park investment department director Lu Yan Qiao Minister Yang, director of science and Technology Park Yanqiao do Ni line of our company for a visit to visit. Jin Nong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. has been research and development, production and marketing as a whole. It has been constantly breaking through in the research and development of products, from the original rice protein to rice starch, and has achieved remarkable results.






Jiangnan University professor Yu Qiusheng, director of the company's operation director Zhu Xi introduced the business direction, application area, R & D and investment platform of Future Ltd, and the development plan of Future Ltd. At the same time, it also reflects the problems and difficulties in the operation of enterprises, mainly for the market oriented operation direction, market docking, high-level talents introduction and so on. The leaders of the park emphasized that the key research and development of agriculture and the transformation of R & D achievements and the development of scientific and technological innovation for enterprises were the hard truth. It also suggests that the company should communicate with local governments more, participate in government meetings and master local policies in time, which will help the development of enterprises very well.

Then the leader of the company led the leader of the park into the production workshop, visited the factory and equipment in the field, and understood the process planning in detail. The leader affirmed the measures that our company aimed at improving the quality of the product, and approved the efforts made by our company in the rice protein field. Director Lu hopes that enterprises will continuously strengthen management, broaden their horizons and innovate ideas, and make new contributions to the development of rice protein with professional knowledge and foresight.











The government pays more attention to the park enterprises. Regular visits and attention to the development of the enterprises in the park, and timely and effective solutions to the problems encountered by the enterprises in the development process, is also our company's greater confidence in the future listing.

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