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Xu Ming, deputy director of the State Food Bureau, visited Wuxi Jin Nong biological science and Technology Co., Ltd.

December 18, 2015, deputy director of the State Grain Bureau Xu Ming led the National Bureau of warehousing and food science and Technology Secretary Zhai Jianglin, National Bureau of science and technology of food storage and our director of science and technology department director Zhang Chengzhi, China cereals and Oils Association Secretary General Hu Chengmiao, director of the Grain Bureau of Jiangsu province Chen Jie, Wuxi Municipal Grain Bureau Zhang Haiquan and other leaders came to Jiangnan University, National Engineering Laboratory Base - Wuxi gold Agricultural Biotechnology Co. Ltd. (abbreviation: Wuxi Jin Nong), the investigation of "cadmium rice" safety processing and application technology research application.




Wuxi municipal government deputy mayor Liu Xia, vice president of Jiangnan University professor Gu Zhengbiao, Jiangnan University, National Engineering Laboratory deputy director and food processing systems engineering center director Professor Chen Zhenghang, chief engineer of the national engineering laboratory researcher Yu Qiusheng, grain processing system engineering center deputy director Dr. Feng Wei, deputy general manager of Wuxi Jin Nong Zhu Xi and Gao Dequan, accompanied by inspection and forum. After inspecting the 10 Line "cadmium rice" processing and production line of Wuxi on the 1st day of the inspection tour, Mr. Xu held a symposium on the safety processing and utilization of cadmium rice. After professor Chen Zhenghang reported the technological achievements of the safe processing and utilization of cadmium rice, the participants made a rigorous analysis of the significant social and economic benefits of the "cadmium rice" safe processing and utilization results, the feasibility of the demonstration and the technical details of its implementation.

After listening to the heated discussions, the director of Xu made a summary of the investigation. Xu director agree with people, think "cadmium rice" safety processing and utilization of key technology achievements, has great significance for national food safety, food quality and safety, the country is a good technology, put forward the way to solve scientific and feasible for our country's "cadmium rice". Finally, Xu encouraged the research team to continue to study the technical details of the extension and application, hoping that with the support of policies, the results can be implemented in industrialization, and the demonstration and extension work can serve as a fundamental solution to the problem of "cadmium rice" in China.


Wuxi Jin Nong Biotechnology Co., Ltd. based on the National Engineering Laboratory of Jiangnan University, built a high quality food grade rice protein powder production line with an annual output of 1000 tons, and striving to build the world's high quality food grade rice protein powder production and R & D center. At the same time, Jiangnan University and National Engineering Laboratory of food processing team to actively carry out the "safe" cadmium rice 'processing and utilization of technology cooperation, and the use of the rice protein production line complete cadmium rice processing and utilization of production safety experiments of different degree of pollution, "" cadmium rice' safety utilization technology to mature the road of industrialization technology has laid a solid foundation.



In November 8, 2015, the technology and the production line has passed by the organization Chinese grain and oil institute project evaluation, China Academy of Engineering Professor Sun Baoguo served as the evaluation committee director, Professor Wang Ruiyuan president of Chinese professor Zhu Beiwei Academy of engineering and Engineering Institute of Chinese and served as deputy director of the evaluation committee. The evaluation committee agreed that the overall technology and equipment of the project reached the international leading level. At present, Wuxi Jin Nong has successfully applied the technology to the production of high quality rice protein powder, which can ensure that the amount of cadmium pollution produced by the rice protein powder produced by the company is up to the latest standard requirements of the latest national standard (< 0.2mg/kg). Even according to the demand of European and American customers, the cadmium pollution in rice protein powder is reduced to less than 0.1mg/kg, which greatly expands the application field of rice protein powder.

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