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"The key technology for the safe processing and utilization of 'cadmium rice'" the scientific and technological achievements evaluation will be held at the Jiangnan University

In November 8, 2015, the organization of food science and engineering, food storage and processing, product quality and safety and risk assessment of rice, rice genetic breeding and cultivation, detection and prevention and control of food quality and safety, environmental protection and governance experts in the field of grain and oil Chinese Association, held by Jiangnan University, Wuxi agricultural biotechnology limited company completed the "cadmium rice" safe "key technology of processing and utilization of scientific and technological achievements evaluation.



Professor Sun Baoguo, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, served as the director of the evaluation committee. Professor Zhu Beiwei, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and Professor Wang Ruiyuan, President of China Grain and Oil Association, served as deputy director of the evaluation committee. To welcome the president of Jiangnan University and national engineering laboratory director Professor Chen Jian, vice president of Jiangnan University professor Gu Zhengbiao attended the meeting, the Jiangsu provincial food bureau Party Secretary Chen Jie attended the meeting and speech researcher Tan Bengang, deputy director of the National Bureau of science and Technology Department of grain storage and made a summary of the meeting and proposed requirements for the future work.



The evaluation committee experts visited the National Engineering Laboratory of Jiangnan University on the daily processing of 1 tons of grain deep processing pilot line and Wuxi Jin Nong Biotechnology Co., Ltd., dealing with 10 tons of "cadmium rice" safe processing and processing experimental production line. Listen to what Professor Chen Zhenghang has done research work report, review the relevant technical information, food processing system engineering research center chief engineer answers related to the question of the participating experts from Qiusheng researcher. Wuxi Jin Nong Cha Zheng month vice chairman, Fu Xiaoying director and other chief executives of the company participated in the evaluation meeting. The evaluation committee agreed that the overall technology and equipment of the project reached the international leading level.





Over the years, the National Engineering Laboratory professor Chen Zhenghang's team adopted the industry university research way, and carried out research work in the field of rice resources comprehensive utilization and food security. The achievement of this project provides a new way and method for the safe utilization of rice, which is conducive to the healthy development of rice industry chain, the protection of the interests of farmers and storage processing enterprises, the health of people and the safety of national food.

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