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     Rice starch is a product extracted from rice by biological, chemical and physical methods. Among all commercial starch, rice starch has the smallest particle size, and its particle size is about 3 x 3-8 x 3. Rice starch with small particles, colour and lustre is white, easy digest, low allergenic excellent features, and after the paste has exquisite structure and similar cream flavor, so in the special food such as baby food, medicine and cosmetics industry has important application value. At the same time, rice starch as a renewable resource has also played a good substitute for many traditional non-renewable resources.

Rice starch characteristic

n characteristic of the particle properties - in all natural starch, rice starch granules, the smallest diameter size of 2-8 microns, uniform particle size, the polygon and the surface is smooth, significant edges and corners, with good dispersion in water phase; The grain size is similar to that of the homogenized fat globules, so the rice starch is delicate. There are some differences between different varieties.

n specific gelatinization characteristics, starch particles within the chain molecules order irreversible upset, namely pasting phenomenon; Brabender, RVA.

n strong degeneration plasticity - physical, chemical and biological degeneration; Biological denaturation can make denatured starch have different physical and chemical properties and have high specificity. After enzymatic hydrolysis treatment of natural rice starch, it can obtain dimpled porous starch, which has good adsorption performance and can be used as an adsorbent carrier for drugs and functional substances. Rice starch hydrate formation of the system than other natural starch is more soft, delicate, and particle size with homogeneous fat ball after close, forming gel structure can intercept part of moisture, buttery sticky feeling, in oral cavity flow kinetic energy is the excellent raw material preparation of fat analog.

n completely not allergic, the allergen of grain of rice as raw materials, rice starch, rice protein have not allergic.

n non-gmo - choose non-gm rice preparation.

n strong digestion rate - very pure flavor and good digestive, digestion rate can reach 98% 100%.

Rice starch is used mainly

n stability, thickening agent, has a certain viscosity after rice starch gelatinization, can be used for breakfast food/baked goods/soup/yogurt and other type gelatin products filling, stability and thickening effect; According to customers' requirements on viscosity and aging degree, we can use different rice starch for compound design until the customer's requirements are met.

n filling agent, carrier: several common starch density similar to that of rice starch granularity is the smallest, the same number of rice starch granule size is 3 times of corn starch, potato starch, 10 times used in health care products, pharmaceuticals, unit volume will adsorb more efficacy composition, and the efficient ingredients when using dispersed in the liquid phase more uniform, coupled with high digestibility of rice starch, easy to digest absorb, the final effect will double, or spices industry as the carrier, also can have a similar effect;

n modified starch of high quality raw materials, production of modified starch, rice starch quality premise, also because of the quantity more, contains functional groups are also far more than other starch makings, coupled with good dispersion, modified starch in the final use process will play a more ideal result;

n chemical industry: the characteristics of the polygon, due to the smaller particles scattered rice starch can be very good adsorption on the surface material, fill in the gaps between the particles, the surface more smooth, so it is widely used in textile industry as a sizing agent and coating industry as the corrosion resistance of organic dispersant, the polish on the surface of leather industry, better able to form a smooth surface, plus the hypoallergenic rice starch, very suitable for application in the cosmetics industry;

n other industries: food industry, swelling agent/fat substitute/gelatin substitutes icing/food/dispersant; Pharmaceutical industry - preparation/disintegrating agents of excipients/drug icing/adhesives/embedding agents/sustained-release agents/microcapsules; Paper industry - photographic paper powder/pigment adsorbent/pulp smoothing agent/absorbent moisturizer/fortifier.

The main highlights of rice starch

n particle minimum, the most exquisite taste - have texture, such as fat, known as the "cream" starch, starch can be used to develop the special function, such as used for processing of yogurt, instead of cream, etc;

n white color, easy to digest, allergenic low -- can be used in infant food and special food.

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