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Effect and function of protein powder

Effect and function of protein powder


When it comes to protein powder, many people will think of the human body needs protein, in life, a lot of people body containing protein deficiency, it will cause a lot of body discomfort, and even cause disease, it needs to add protein, the protein powder is a good choice, in addition, protein powder also help diabetes, high blood cholesterol. The specific functions and functions are as follows:


1, soy protein can reduce the adverse effects of blood lipids and cholesterol on heart in patients with hypercholesterolemia, and the replacement of animal protein with soy protein can reduce the kidney burden of diabetic patients.


2, when the body protein deficiency, people's basic life activities will be affected, can lead to growth retardation in children and adolescents, underweight, mental retardation; adults fatigue, weight loss, anemia, low serum albumin, and even edema; can cause menstrual disorders. Eating protein powder can effectively prevent or improve these symptoms.


The intake of protein powder


According to the dietary intake of reference for Chinese residents, the daily intake of protein is 65~90 grams per adult, or 10% to 12% of the total energy consumption can meet the metabolic needs. In addition, there are some differences in protein intake depending on the age, weight and labor intensity. The need for protein is generally higher in children and adolescents, pregnant or lactating women during growth and development.


Which people need to supplement the protein powder?


1, newborns and newborns should not eat protein powder. They should choose milk powder with protein content from 10% to 20%.


2, for healthy people, as long as they stick to the normal diet and persist in the rich and varied foods, they can completely meet the needs of human body for protein, and there is no need to add protein powder. Moreover, food can not be replaced by protein powder for the psychological enjoyment and sensory stimulation.


3, the patients with gout should carefully choose the protein powder which is the main ingredient of soy protein. Because of the purine in the soybean, it can cause the increase of uric acid in the body, promote or aggravate the gout. But there are also some brands of soy protein powder after special treatment, such as Kang Bao Bi soy protein powder containing purine.


4, for the special populations who need it, besides the essential amino acids supplemented by food, protein powder can be selected as protein supplement, but we must pay attention to the dosage of protein powder. The excess of white matter not only makes people fat, but also increases the metabolic burden of the liver and kidney, which may affect their function over a long period of time.


Although the protein powder was included in the nutrition and health food list, function and effect of protein powder is also very much, but must be in accordance with the provisions of diet intake and intake time to eat, he must not eat protein powder, but can not eat too much, so as not to cause serious harm, especially the elderly and children themselves the body is weak, should follow the principle of health food.


(source: Public Health Network)

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