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Can pregnant women eat protein powder?

Protein powder is a nutritional product extracted from soy protein, casein and whey protein. Amway protein powder is rather famous. But protein powder is not everyone needs to eat. In general, people who have physiological needs will eat protein powder. Pregnant women as a special group, can pregnant women eat protein powder? In order to find out whether pregnant women need to eat protein powder, let's have a detailed introduction.


Nutritional value of protein powder


I believe many people know, protein powder is a kind of nutritional value and rich food, protein powder, now there are many brands, many people do not know how to choose, do not know what kind of fit to eat protein powder, so that pregnant women can eat protein powder? In order to answer this question, let's first look at the nutritional value of protein powder and its effect.


The basic unit of protein is amino acid. There are more than 20 kinds of amino acids related to the human body. The amino acid composition and quantity of various proteins are different. As a result, thousands of proteins have been formed. Although the body of all amino acids are needed, but because the majority of amino acids can be made by the body's own synthesis or by other amino acids changes, therefore, actually adults need amino acid uptake from the diet of only 8 children, 9, we are called essential amino acids. As long as the diet contains the appropriate amount and proportion of essential amino acids.


The function and effect of protein powder


1, prevent the occurrence of cardiovascular disease.


2, effectively protect the normal physiological needs of the human body.


3, reduce the kidney burden of diabetic patients.


The suitable population of protein powder


1. The intake of high protein foods, such as milk, meat, beans, eggs, and other high protein foods in the daily diet, is a single source of protein food, and vegetarians.


2, the need for a large number of protein supplements, such as teenagers, pregnant women, lactation women, middle and old people, surgery and post - disease recovery.


3, digestive function is low person, or suffering from gastrointestinal diseases lead to difficult digestion and absorption of food in general.


4, easy to catch cold, low immunity, low energy, easy to fatigue.




Can pregnant women eat protein powder?


Experts suggest that pregnant women do not take protein powder at will. Some supplements are not suitable for pregnant women, protein powder is a typical example. If a sudden intake of too much protein, easy to increase the burden on the kidneys and pregnant women drinking will lead to high blood pressure, swelling of the limbs, her fetus is not long, in addition also have headache, vertigo and other complications, some pregnant women also appeared proteinuria and renal damage, serious will happen.


Products of protein metabolism in vivo, such as ammonia, urea, creatinine and other nitrogen containing substances, need to be excreted through the kidneys. Too much protein will increase the burden of liver and kidney and have an adverse effect on human body. Excessive intake of protein can also cause excessive sulphur - containing amino acids, which will accelerate the loss of calcium in the bone, damage bone health, and produce osteoporosis.


Generally speaking, pregnant women do need to add more protein, but protein supplements do not need to be consumed from protein powder, and can be met through daily diet. As long as a daily guarantee of a cup of milk, an egg yolk, plus meat, tofu and other diverse diet, the needs of pregnant women themselves and fetal protein can be met.


Obviously, pregnant women can eat protein powder? Pregnant women can eat protein powder, but can casually eat protein powder, if not the body or the lack of nutrients, poor resistance, or the doctor, best not to buy on the market now even if you want to buy some protein powder, protein powder, also should consult a professional knowledge, so as not to buy counterfeit products.


(source: Public Health Network)

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