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What is the advantage of membership convertibility?

1. a single gift book for a longer period of time.


The ordinary gift book can be exchanged for a period of one year, and sometimes customers will be troubled by the problem of this time limit. In order to solve the drawback of the validity of the card, we set up an integral shopping mall for our customers. After the integration of the card catalog, it not only greatly extends the validity of the exchange, but also has multiple categories of gifts after entering the integration mall, which is not limited to a single gift card, and a single card corresponds to a gift. You can choose a variety of gifts, multi class selection. When the integral corresponding to the selected gift is insufficient, we also provide the customer with the payment of the service, to give the maximum convenience to the customer.




2. realization of multiple gift card merger


General gift book is a gift card to a gift book corresponding a gift, when customers receive many gift books, one by one the exchange operation is relatively cumbersome and multi card multi volume easy confusion, in order to solve this problem can be combined with the amount of conversion a gift card to a member name enter the integral, integral mall picked to achieve fromcomplex to simple operation process, a multi order fix exchange, a courier received a variety of gifts, simple and efficient. The accumulation of points can be exchanged for higher value gifts, very overvalued.




3. the category of gifts is more abundant, and the choice of gifts is more free.


The integration mall has provided richer gift types to the vast majority of exchange users, including kitchenware, home textiles, outdoor, fashion, electronics, home appliances, fruits and vegetables, and other gifts. Meanwhile, the number of gifts is also increasing, and the range of choosing gifts is larger and more free.


(1) draw up a membership account


Click on the membership and fill in the information according to the hint. The member's name and member's password are drawn up by the client, and a member account is set.


(2) member login


After setting the membership account, the members log in, convert the amount of the multiple or single gift cards to the points of the members' names, enter the integral mall, choose gifts, and then enjoy the integral points to exchange gifts.


(3) delivery service


When the integral corresponds to the selected gift score is insufficient, the delivery service can be selected and the amount can be made up after the delivery of the goods to the door.


(4) submission of order


After choosing a good gift, click the membership to exchange, fill in the order information to submit confirmation, the system will provide an order number, that is, to convert the order to success.

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