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Gift exchange

1. login entry


Please log in to the micro business city, enter the gift card number, password, verification code and so on, consult WeChat customer service into the micro mall page.


2. fine selection


After entering the corresponding gift book, browse the gift, choose a gift to place an order in a shopping basket or continue the choice.


3. submission order


Fill in the recipient information such as address, contact information, consignee name, after confirmation please choose to submit orders, record your order number or keep your gift card. We will take the third party express form of free gifts, home address, exchange center express delivery service that will be free of charge for your other courier, when you receive a gift please on the spot inspection, if you have any questions please contact the exchange center, the first time we will accept your order.


4. view the order


When you submit your order successfully, you can consult WeChat for order and later logistics, and you can also choose Website self-service.

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