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Is the problem of arsenic in rice serious?


Recently, the United States "consumer reports" an article on arsenic in rice are reported in the media and on the Internet have caused a stir, rice is one of the main staple Chinese, therefore this report affects a lot of Chinese heart. Experts have expressed, some believe that a wolf, some believe that eating for decades. Don't tube. What this report is feather or acting? What is the situation in China? Do we need to worry about it?


[Baidu knows the truth] the rice arsenic report in the consumer report is the two characteristic of Americans eating rice. One is not washing rice. Two, in recent years, it has advocated eating unpolished brown rice to absorb dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals in rice hull, and arsenic mainly exists in the shell. Chinese rice consumption, should pay attention to the content of arsenic, but far from rising to the extent extremely urgent. One China rice arsenic content standards, inspection and supervision if effective, the content of arsenic in rice is not too high; and eat rice in Chinese must wash, mainly deal with the pollution of pesticide, and eat high nutrition not much rice and other so-called health meters, will be able to deal with the threat of arsenic in rice.

Consumer report is a monthly magazine. It doesn't accept advertisements and sponsors, and independently test products and foods. Because there is no conflict of interest, the result is quite believable. The test report on arsenic in rice is published on its website, and then published in the month of next year.

However, the consumer report is aimed at the American market and does not represent the official position. At present, the content of arsenic in rice has not been established by the US FDA. The consumer report also hopes to promote the development of FDA by using this test report. As a result, the report is only a test result of an independent testing agency, which does not represent the attitude of the American official and the scientific community.

As this thing very scary, scary Name: arsenic. All of a sudden it was about the tragic ending of Mr. Wu Dalang. But the "Water Margin" and explained, Wuda not died of arsenic poisoning, but let Pan Jinlian suffocated with a pillow. This is the need of large doses of arsenic poisoning. Arsenic is now as a tiger. Arsenic was used as an antiseptic drug before the emergence of antibiotics and was used in twentieth Century from eighteenth Century. But Ms Pan Jinlian can claim to be Born Under A Bad Sign, or to cure her husband.

Arsenic exists in drinking water and food, a very low dose, the low dose arsenic effects on health and disease is not conclusive, some arsenic and the occurrence of cancer, and related research reports of some chronic diseases, the test results basically from the experimental animal, the need for long-term studies, according to the the existing results, worthy of attention, try to avoid the intake of arsenic.

The arsenic report on rice in the consumer report is very pertinent, and FDA has been set up by the previous reports of arsenic in apple juice. The reports of arsenic in rice appeared two years ago, aiming at the two characteristics of Americans eating rice. One is not wash rice, this is because rice processed, rich in vitamins and minerals of the shell are removed, as a nutritional intervention, several vitamins and minerals are added back, if the rice washing, it was washed away, lost added meaning, wash rice because of pesticide pollution, m the pesticide pollution in the United States is few, so there is no need to wash the rice. Two, in recent years, it is advocated to eat unprocessed brown rice, to absorb the dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals in the rice husk, and the arsenic is mainly in the shell.

For Americans, the report is a sensational love the media reports, a few days will be no sound. The main reason is the main component of the rice is not an American staple food, Americans to eat flour, all kinds of crops due to only rice planting method with high arsenic content, other crops better, eat bread every day, most Americans don't have the heart.

Even if you eat rice, there's a way to avoid it. The first is to see the place of origin. The arsenic containing high rice is from the southern part of the United States. It is because of the arsenical pesticides used during the cotton planting that the arsenic content in the soil is high. The rice produced from California has no such problem. The two is when the steam Steamed Rice more water, this is the "consumer report" that, if before the wash several times meters, can remove most, there is no added benefits, but still weigh the pros and cons of washing, vitamins and minerals can be added by other means. The three is to reduce the amount of brown rice, half of the brown rice and half of the rice, but the dietary fiber and various nutrients of brown rice are far less than the whole valley. The four is to do as little as possible to buy food containing rice.

In order to avoid arsenic from rice, the way to eat less rice can be taken. When I was young, because my father was a northerner, do not eat Steamed Buns as if there is no dinner, the mother is a southerner, eat Steamed Buns is difficult to eat, so the family will eat rice, and that would have limited meters, could not eat rice, eat also eat to develop Steamed Rice Steamed Buns into diet habit. Later, there was no limit, and the number of rice at home was more. After the arrival of the United States, rice was mainly eaten at first, because steamed steamed bread was too hard and breakfast was dominated by bread. Later, in response to the health requirements, began to eat whole grain bread, cereal like this, three meals a day up meal to eat rice, to eat three meals per week up to now is Steamed Rice, and because eat, every meal is a small bowl of rice Steamed Rice, intake of little, brown rice porridge to eat two meals a week. It is worthy of improvement.

Whole grain bread is a good stuff, although just eat feeling is grooming, eating will feel very sweet, can completely replace the Steamed Rice has become a staple food. Unfortunately, at present, there are very few products in the whole valley in China, which is to be promoted and promoted by nutrition experts. With the need, there will be a product.

The arsenic problem into Chinese, because rice consumption is big, should pay attention to the content of arsenic, but far from rising to the extent extremely urgent. The prevention of arsenic pollution is relatively difficult, as China rice arsenic content standards, inspection and supervision if effective, the content of arsenic in rice is not too high, and eat rice in Chinese must wash, mainly deal with the pollution of pesticide, and eat high nutrition not much black rice and other so-called health meters. To deal with the threat of arsenic in rice.

The diet should be diversified, as far as the staple food is concerned, the rice should also be eaten. From the overall diet, one should eat less, limiting the total calorie intake, two to eat more fruits and vegetables and foods rich in dietary fiber, the two together, it is not like that difficult period one meal a few bowls of Steamed Rice, even with rice as the staple food, if you want to control your weight, ensure other food intake then, every meal or a small bowl of Steamed Rice, arsenic content inside is very limited. (the Baidu know daily feeds, author: Beijing Huzi) (source: Sina)

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